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Playster is an on-demand entertainment service providing unlimited games, movies, music and books.

Unlimited games, movies, music and books on virtually any device. Anytime, Anywhere.

Playster is an on-demand entertainment app that takes care of everything: games, movies, music, books, whatever the moment calls for. Boasting the world’s most diverse digital library, Playster brings you everything from timeless classics to the newest blockbusters – and the best thing is, you can try it all for FREE!

Easy to use and compatible with almost any web-enabled device, Playster is essential for families always needing different things to watch, play, listen to and read. Search for keywords, browse by genre or simply scroll through the latest additions – navigating through millions of hits could not be easier.

Playster gives you totally unrestricted access to titles from some of the world’s biggest publishers, labels, movie and game studios. Constantly evolving with new content and features, it’s a service that’s built for the future. Download now, kick back and enjoy within minutes!

Product features:

• World’s most diverse online library: 12M+ songs, 100,000+ books, 10,000+ movies and 7,000+ games

• No restrictions: watch, play, read and listen to as much as you want

• Powerful search feature: spend less time searching, more time enjoying

• Great value: bundling movies, music, books and games together saves you money, and your first month is FREE

• Anyone, anytime, anywhere: easy to use and compatible with virtually any device

• A social experience: share your favorite discoveries with a vibrant community



Playster 1

User reviews about Playster

  • JasonMoore83

    by JasonMoore83

    "All in one, essential app!"

    One of those things you didn't know you needed until you try it. Haha. Everything in one, no need for any other subsc...   More.

  • vincentsuntaycrisol

    by vincentsuntaycrisol

    "Adios Netflix!"

    who even needs netlfix with Playster out now? It's decently priced, user-friendly, and their content is great. Defs...   More.

  • needforspeedroar

    by needforspeedroar

    "Safe Browsing Experience"

    Adds convenience, definitely worth the install….. Just click the icon on your desktop and you can browse and play all...   More.

  • playwithheart

    by playwithheart


    Easily installed and even easier to use, this desktop app makes browsing books on my laptop a breeze. Just great!!.   More.

  • candycrushhot

    by candycrushhot

    "Makes Using Playster Even Easier"

    useful browser plugin for family members who have difficulty using the computer. Just doubleclick the desktop icon an...   More.

  • candycrushhot

    by candycrushhot

    "Simple but useful"

    a convenient button to bring you right to the action, letting you browse the entire catalogue without even needing to...   More.